Edible Boston: Cover Feature Fall 2014

Edible Boston Cover

Worked with my great friend Catrine Kelty to create the cover image for Edible Boston‘s story on Far From the Tree Cider

New York Times: Lois Lowry

One of my favorite assignments this summer was the Lois Lowry story I shot for New York Times Magazine.  The author of the cult classic The Giver was vacationing up in Maine, so Matt and I packed up the car and made a road trip out of it.  We spent a beautiful summer day cruising through Vacationland, listening to some tunes, and catching up on our travels.  When we arrived Lois showed us to her barn, which made for the perfect studio, and got set up.  We spent the afternoon chatting about why they took so long to turn the book into a movie, what Jeff Bridges is like in person, and what kinds of things her fans write letters about.  All in all just a great day to be a photographer!

Lois Lowry Photographed for the New York Times by Adam DeTour


Summer Adventures

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, mostly because we’ve been out having awesome adventures!  It’s time to get back to work but first I thought I’d share some outtakes from our summer travels.  I spent some time hiking Mount Washington with my good friend Matt Baldelli, fit in a little time at the beach, and a took a trip to Scandinavia with Maria.  Enjoy!













Edible Boston: Indian Head Farm

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Indian Head Farm in Berlin, MA for a story in Edible Boston.  The farm has been in the Wheeler family for almost 200 years.  Think about that.  Two. Hundred. Years.  That’s a farm founded before the Civil War.  That’s seven generations of farmers on the same land.  That’s a very long time.

One of my favorite images from the shoot is an image of family pictures laid out on the table.  When you’re standing there looking out at the fields it’s difficult to understand just how much history the family has there.  The pictures provided a glimpse into that history.

It wasn’t until after the shoot that we realized another way to showcase the span of time that the Wheelers have been there. When we put the images of James Wheeler and the oil painting of his great-great-great grandfather from the civil war next to each other it was striking how similar they look.

Edible Boston Indian Head Farm

Edible Boston Indian Head Farm

Edible Boston Indian Head Farm

Edible Boston Indian Head Farm



Edible Boston: Lobster Cover

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