R. Murphy Knives: Edible Boston Winter 2014

R. Murphy Knives are made in Massachusetts – and have been for 163 years. With carbon steel sourced from Ohio, blades stamped out on a press from 1890, and often-reclaimed wood carved for their handles, their small team of craftsmen creates pure, local magic.  Read more at Edible.

Jenny Dell: Improper Bostonian

NESN Red Sox reporter Jenny Dell on the cover of this week’s Improper.

On whether she gets sick of all that baseball: “I think anything you end up putting your all into, you love. So you eat, breathe, sleep and dream it. On my days off, I sit at home and watch the game. Once you’re a part of it, you’re all in.”

College Bound: Edible Boston Spring 2013

Throwback time…college-bound kids work their green thumb in Edible Boston’s Spring 2013 issue.

Edible Boston: Cultural Revolution Feature

I shoot a lot of food in a lot of places. Cheese in a lab? Not so much. For Edible Boston’s Spring 2013 issue, I followed a group of Harvard fellows around their cramped laboratory as they tinkered with their strong-smelling test subjects…and discussed complex colonies of mold the way that that most people talk about sports teams.  Fascinating, to say the least.

Rachel Dutton, Ben Wolfe and Julie Button have traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe collecting samples of over 160 cheese rinds, and studying the individual microbes that exist on each variety. Their finds may well revolutionize the cheese industry…read more at Edible.

Imagery & Music at the Arnold Arboretum

Sounds From the Treetops

Between shoots I’ve had the chance to collaborate with musician Maria Finkelmeier for a unique performance at Boston’s Arnold Arboretum. The Arboretum is the kind of place you go to forget the city while you’re in the city…it’s basically a rolling, manicured forest where city noises cease to exist. This Saturday, new compositions inspired by my images of the Arboretum will be performed by Maria and Ensemble Evolution at the Hunnewell Building.

You can purchase tickets here and get a sneak peek of featured imagery below.

arboretum-1 13060-01-469 arboretum-3